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COVID will not shut down logistics in China!

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Every year autumn highlights new topics to discuss and new challenges to tackle. And this time it still includes COVID. We are already witnessing new local lockdowns in China and we also see the transport volumes for pandemic-related commodities like protective gear and COVID tests are increasing again. A new wave is coming, but this time the world is well prepared to handle it.

China has always practiced more strict measures to fight the pandemics. At this time China is implementing local lockdowns if number of cases rises in one specific city or region. These lockdowns may be in place from a couple of days up to 10 days, depending on the number of new daily cases.

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How does it affect logistics?

Logistics is not shut down during lockdowns. But safety precautions are applied. This is a big difference and it helps to keep goods moving and business going. This means that pick-up and deliveries can be done, but it may take an additional day or two due as in some regions a permit must be applied and in some cases decontamination process for the shipment and the truck may be needed.

What about freight rates?

Even now space for freight is easily available for air and ocean freight, with attractive rates too. If you are looking something faster than ocean transport, but cheaper than air freight and you do not wish to take risk with rail, our Ocean Premium service is a great option with 45-day transit time.