About us

MyDello is on a mission to revolutionize logistics and transportation sector by making it faster, simpler and efficient.


We are on the mission to reduce waste in global supply chains by bringing freight online.

integrated supply chain with MyDello

Whether you need ocean, freight, road or rail options to move you shipments, you will be offered a solution instantly. Choose from several options, fill the information and enjoy peace of mind while MyDello ensures that all of your shipments and orders are visible on one dashboard. You will receive a notification when there is information needed to be specified or attachments and documents to be added. You can also choose what type of notifications you would like to receive: whether you need to add information to your shipment, there are delays or there are other means that require your attention for a smooth shipping process.

Forget about sending and receiveing e-mails back and forth. All of your communication between you and the agent are handled on one simple messaging board. If an agent needs to contact you, then you will be notified about the inquiry. The messages will appear under the particular shipment, so we have made it easy for you to filter your shipments and messages. If necessary, you can request to edit your shipment, include further information or send your good wishes towards MyDello team! Whenever you need us, we will be there to guide you through the process, especially when it is your very first time moving shipments globally.

You will quickly discover how easy it is to shift your daily work-flow into using MyDello and how much time it saves for you as a logistics specialist and for your company overall. MyDello is developed from one logistics expert to another. Our aim is to revolutionize the logistics sector by making freight-forwarding efficient, fast and make it seem invisible.

Feel free to hop on board on the way to a new era in global logistics and take a closer look on how to get the best out of MyDello.