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Our mission

MyDello is on a mission to revolutionize logistics and transportation sector by making it faster, simpler and efficient.


We are on the mission to reduce waste in global supply chains and make global shipping more efficient and transparent.

Founders of MyDello: Siimu Kaas, Magnus Lepasalu and Joel Timm.

MyDello was born out of frustration with the lack of global digital logistics solutions available in the industry. As long-time logistics professionals, the founders saw the need for companies for a better way to manage shipments. So they set out to build the ultimate logistics platform from scratch. They wanted to simplify ordering and managing shipments across all freight modes and make it easy for users to compare different options and find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions in seconds, so they would not have to waste days communicating with logistics providers over e-mails.

Today, MyDello takes the stress out of global shipping by offering the best shipping options across all freight modes with instant quotes and guaranteed prices. This means that small companies with no in-house logistics expertise can finally compete on a level playing field with larger companies, while larger companies can save time and money on logistics.

We believe global logistics will become fully automated.