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A tool like MyDello saves you from the tiring old-school way of sending e-mails to receive shipment options. It is easy to use as it gathers all of your shipment data and live information under one concise overview, which in the end, saves me a lot of valuable time. Besides using MyDello as a tool to check up on the status updates on my shipments, I also use it as a main channel to contact the courier regarding shipments.

Sven Raba
Ampler Bikes

Digital solutions are the next probable step in supply chain management and platforms like MyDello, which are enabling it, are very welcome. Especially as it eases the work of logistics. On MyDello you get a list of different options to shipping routes without having to send and sort e-mails and you get an instant offer without waiting for one for days.

Rasmus Kodres
Cleveron AS

MyDello sets an example to many freight-forwarding service providers by connecting all the dots between the lifespan of a consignment providing hassle-free overview of your orders and their statuses. The feature is linked to my Bookmarks to always have a quick glance at my shipments to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Edith Rünkorg
Click&Grow OÜ