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Even famous actors use MyDello

Back of the plane with MyDello logo and sauna of Iglugraft

Matthew McConaughey, who has been awarded the best actor Oscar, ordered a sauna from the Estonian company Iglucraft. MyDello was proud to lead the transportation process.

MyDello has been a partner for Iglucraft for quite a while now, but this time it was a bit more special. First of all, the end customer was notable, and it meant for MyDello, that at the beginning of the process, the exact destination address was not revealed. Luckily, you can get the first offer from MyDello to plan your route only by knowing the approximate area. The shipment ended up in Hawaii, which is not the most common destination in Estonia.

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MyDello had a significant role

From the client side, almost all things related to logistics were trusted by MyDello’s team and partners. The process started in Viljandi County, Estonia, where an empty container arrived at the Iglucraft factory. The company has many international clients and has therefore designed its saunas and small houses to fit into international standard containers. There are only a few millimeters of free space in the container after the sauna is fitted in with some softening.

From the Iglucraft factory, the shipment moved on to Muuga port in Estonia. From there, it moved to the main European port and from there to the port of Los Angeles. There were quite a few delays at the ports on the western coast of the U.S. at the time, which also meant some for this consignment. The delay at the Port of Los Angeles added a few months to the delivery time.

The sender or receiver generally handles on-the-spot transportation. Still, Matthew McConaughey’s representatives asked us to take care of all logistics on the island of Hawaii. For that part, we used our partner, who lifted the shipment out of the container on-site, ordered a crane, and loaded Iglucraft to the final location.

sauna interior

Ocean freight suited the best

Mainly the use of maritime transport was the only conceivable way, as air transport would have meant a six-figure cost for transport. Using a ro-ro ship was also an option at first, but in that case, a container could have been transported from Europe to the U.S. East Coast, and it would have to pass through the entire U.S. on roads.

MyDello was delighted to engage in such a unique project in terms of customer and all supporting activities. Any extra action the logistics partner has to take to handle such cargo means careful planning and using trustworthy subcontractors. It happens only a couple of times a year, which makes it more interesting. From MyDello we wish a good time with Iglucraft to Matthew McConaughey and his family.

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