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The MyDello logistics portal is developing every day

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The MyDello logistics portal has become a partner in the daily logistics management of thousands of companies in just under a year. Since the launch of the platform, we have constantly updated the platform to make logistics fully automatic.

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The MyDello platform was founded in 2021, whit the goal to make logistics simple and efficient. MyDello’s primary goal is to provide a simple solution that a logistics specialist can handle daily, whereas the long-term goal is to make the entire supply chain organization fully automated. A the platform evolves, this becomes more and more likely.

MyDello combines the various parties in the supply chain: we reduce the number of intermediaries, digitalize all information, and contribute to ensuring that the costs to logistics are minimal. According to our data, using the platform means 15-20% lower costs on average, and our customers value it highly.

MyDello is currently available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

MyDello takes the stress out of global shipping. Instantly compare options across hundreds of shipping providers to find the best possible solution for your shipping needs. Visit MyDello to get an instant quote.

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