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MyDello customers share feedback – ‘Getting the best prices’

Three of MyDello customers

We decided to ask some of MyDello’s customers for their feedback to know why they use MyDello and whether they would recommend it to another. Or even to their competitors?

The companies that use the logistics service pointed out that MyDello is simple and logical because inquiries are held on one platform. There is no need to send out any email. “There is usually some important information missing in the emails. MyDello has the option to enter the data, and the offers will come immediately,” says Marite Uustal of beauty products company Careria.

Immediate results

Companies using MyDello, on average, spend 45% less time on logistics. It means there is more time to focus on the company’s core business and grow it. It’s also one of the main reasons Careria started using MyDello. “Simply enter the data and get the offers. You’ll know the best prices in less than a minute, and you’ll order the transport of goods in just a few clicks,” says Uustal.

You only need to know where from and to you want the shipment to be sent and what’s the dimensions estimate and MyDello will give you the first quote.

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Compare different modes of transportation

Which mode of transport to choose? Air, rail, maritime transport or road transport? As a platform, MyDello offers a wide range of services and helps you find a suitable, cost-effective solution.

Our client Tiia Prous from Kinkston confirms that. “So far, my experience has shown that the MyDello solutions are sufficient and can be safely used, whether the shipment is coming from Europe or Asia.”

Who would have thought that, in some cases, air transport could be faster and cheaper than by rail? This can sometimes happen, and so it is always a good idea to have the offer from different carriers and compare different modes of transport. You’ll get all these offers from MyDello in just a matter of seconds. MyDello statistics also confirm this—platform users spend 7-11% less money compared to traditional offerings. So, using MyDello, you win time and money.

Ask experts, if needed

Many companies, especially smaller ones, need logistics services a couple of times a month. Thus, knowing all the crucial things in the logistics world is sometimes difficult. MyDello platform helps make the right choices during the order submission process. If necessary, questions can always be addressed to MyDello’s logistics specialists.

Logistics is an area that requires day-to-day work and focuses on the details. MyDello’s team has experience and expertise in solving the most complex and time-critical situations. According to Peeter Vahar, Chief Experience Officer of MyDello, a solution to all the questions will be found. “Support is always available—for simple questions to the most complex cases,” Vahar says. The logistics specialists can always be contacted from the right corner of the MyDello page.

 Suitable for both beginners and professionals

The use of MyDello is simple, and its functionalities support handling a single shipment and regular logistics work. The logistics specialist of Cleveron, Rasmus Kodres, couldn’t agree more. “Digital solutions are the next likely step in supply chain management, and platforms like MyDello that allow this are very much expected,” says Kodres. “Logistics is an area that requires exceptional accuracy. All the shipments and documents must be properly formulated and always within reach.”

The platform can track the current status of all shipments. In addition, you can, for example, see information about previously sent items or create reports about shipments. Explore the full functionality of the platform on the MyDello page.

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