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MyDello’s New Innovative Supplier Direct Feature

New Supplier Direct Feature: Stop Creating Your Shipping Orders!

Welcome to the future. MyDello’s New Supplier Direct Shipping Feature allows your supplier to create your shipment and supply all the documents without ever needing to enter your account. You simply need to approve, reject or edit. You never need to ask them for documents to forward to your freight company, let us arrange everything for you.


Understanding the Supplier Direct Shipping Feature

Let your supplier book shipments for you while you stay in full control. Sound like something that can save you time?


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Welcome to a New Era in Freight Forwarding!

At MyDello, our mission has always been clear: make global shipping as simple and easy as possible. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a feature that sets us apart from traditional digital freight forwarders – our new innovative Supplier Direct feature. This addition is more than just an upgrade; it’s a complete rethinking of how logistics can be managed more efficiently and transparently.


How MyDello’s Supplier Direct Enhances Your Shipping Strategy

Imagine a world where your suppliers can kick-start the shipping process without back-and-forth emails, phone calls, or paperwork hassles. That’s the reality with MyDello’s Supplier Account. It empowers your suppliers to log in, create shipments, and upload necessary documents seamlessly. The process is initiated at the source, setting the stage for a streamlined, efficient logistics journey. Our Supplier Direct Shipping Feature is designed to streamline your end-to-end shipping needs.


  • No more confusing emails or paperwork.
  • No more being the middleman between your supplier and your freight forwarder.
  • Truly stress-free global logistics with the MyDello Supplier Direct

This is not just an update; it’s a whole new way to handle shipping.



Futuristic neon-lit truck on a highway, embodying MyDello's cutting-edge logistics technology

Speed into the future with MyDello – where logistics meets innovation on the neon highway of tomorrow


How It Works: The Power of Choice, The Ease of Management

Your suppliers will have access to various shipping options – displayed not as costs but as percentages comparing each option to the most cost-effective one. It’s a subtle yet powerful way of offering choices without revealing your costs.

With the Supplier Direct Shipping Feature, gain unparalleled control over your international freight.

As a logistics manager, you’re notified as soon as a shipment proposal is ready. You hold the reins – approve, edit, choose a different option, or cancel the shipment entirely. It’s logistics on your terms.


Your Control:

  • Get Notified: You know when a shipment is ready.
  • See Prices: You can see all the costs and the breakdowns. Your supplier does not.
  • Make Choices: Approve, change, or cancel shipments. It’s up to you. You keep full control.


Communication Made Easy

Gone are the days of playing ‘broken telephone’ between shippers and clients. With this feature, all communication comes directly from us. Everyone stays in the loop, reducing delays and ensuring a smoother customs process. It’s transparent, efficient, and hassle-free. 



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Why It’s Great for You: 

 You know the challenges of keeping the shipping process efficient and cost-effective. With our new Supplier Direct feature, you’re not just moving goods; you’re moving ahead in the game of global logistics. Streamlined processes, informed decisions, and reduced delays – it’s all in a day’s work now. 


  • Save Time: Less back-and-forth means you do more in less time. 
  • Clear Choices: Make better decisions with clear options. 
  • Less Stress: Smooth process, fewer delays. 


Be Part of the Change 

 At MyDello, we don’t just follow trends; we set them.  

Our goal is to transform global shipping into a smooth, stress-free experience for logistics managers worldwide. Are you ready to join the revolution? 

Embrace the future of logistics with MyDello. Welcome to simplicity, welcome to efficiency, and welcome to the future. 

Introducing MyDello Air Premium: A new direct air freight service from China to the Nordics and Baltics  


We’re thrilled to unveil MyDello Air Premium. Thanks to our revolutionary technology and the power it gives us to simplify global logistics. We are now able to offer you this groundbreaking addition to our logistics services. This service is designed to enhance the shipping experience for our clients, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation of goods from Shanghai to Helsinki and further into the Baltic Nordic region. 


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What Sets MyDello Air Premium Apart? 

  • Weekly Direct Flights: Our service includes weekly flights with blocked cargo space directly from Shanghai to Helsinki, streamlining the transportation process. 
  • Long-term Rate Agreements: With this new solution, clients can forecast costs effectively. It is possible to fix the rates for the whole quarter. 
  • Enhanced Predictability: Our fixed flight schedules provide certainty in planning and commitment to precise arrival times. 
  • Own Operations Team in China: MyDello has a subsidiary office in China to make sure everything moves flawlessly. 


MyDello Air Premium vs Traditional Air Freight Services 

  • Traditional Services: Characterized by multiple partnerships, these services often lead to delays and unpredictability in both rates and schedules. 
  • MyDello Air Premium: Offers a more streamlined approach with direct, consolidated services controlled by our own teams from both – origin and destination. This gives us predictable rates and schedules, enhancing reliability and efficiency. 


Target Audience: Nordic and Baltic Businesses 

  • Specialized Service: MyDello Air Premium is particularly beneficial for businesses in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden, that regularly import dense cargo from China. We’ve set it up to cater to their specific logistics needs. 
  • Regional Expertise: Leveraging our deep understanding of the Nordic & Baltic markets combined with the expertise of our office in China, we’re in a unique situation to provide tailored solutions. 




Getting Started with Our New Service 

  • Simple Sign-Up: Access our services by creating a MyDello account. It is free to sign up and doesn’t have any monthly charges. 
  • Effortless Planning: Use our platform to schedule your shipments and benefit from this new service. 
  • Enjoy Supplier Direct Functionality: Suppliers can initiate shipments on your behalf, but you will keep full control over your shipping processes. 



This is not just a service; it’s a commitment to revolutionizing the logistics industry, offering dependable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Join us in experiencing the future of logistics. 


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