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Revolutionizing Logistics with MyDello’s Instant Pricing System  

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Discover MyDello’s Instant Pricing System  

In the rapidly evolving world of global trade, efficiency, transparency and instant logistics pricing are more than just advantages—they are necessities. Traditional freight quoting systems often leave much to be desired, posing challenges that can disrupt even the most meticulously planned supply chains. That’s where MyDello transforms the landscape with its innovative instant pricing system. 

MyDello’s Unique Instant Quote System 

At MyDello, we understand that time is money. That’s why we offer real-time quotes around the clock, MyDello’s Instant Pricing model ensures you can access critical pricing information whenever you need it.

Unlike other platforms that might use initial quotes as mere starting points for tedious negotiations, MyDello provides final, guaranteed prices upfront.

This approach eliminates the guesswork and hidden fees that are all too common elsewhere, simplifying your logistics planning considerably. 


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Technology Behind MyDello’s Pricing 

What sets MyDello apart is what we do and how we do it. Our platform is integrated with over 300 partners through advanced APIs, pulling in the most current rates and time estimates available. But we don’t just retrieve data—we analyze it. MyDello’s Instant Pricing system evaluates thousands of possible routes to construct the most efficient journey for your cargo by selecting the optimal leg of each route from our extensive partner network.

This process ensures that we offer solutions that are not only cost-effective but also time-efficient and reliable. 

“I remember working with a client who was frustrated with the variability and uncertainty of shipping costs and schedules,” recalls Magnus, a senior logistics planner with two decades of experience. “Once they switched to MyDello, they were amazed at how straightforward and predictable the pricing became, transforming their supply chain management overnight. 


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MyDello Simplifies Global Logistics


Benefits of Using MyDello 

Guaranteed Prices: With MyDello, the price you see is the price you pay. No more back-and-forth, no more unpleasant surprises. This transparent pricing model ensures that budgeting for logistics is straightforward and reliable. 

Route Optimization: Our technology doesn’t just find any route; it finds your best route. Each recommendation is customized to offer optimal logistics solutions, balancing speed, cost, and reliability, leveraging real-time data to ensure efficiency. 

Seamless Customer Experience: From the moment you request a quote to the time your shipment reaches its destination, MyDello handles everything. This all-in-one approach frees you to focus on other critical aspects of your business, secure in the knowledge that your logistics are in expert hands. 

Integrated Dashboard: Manage all your freight modes from a single dashboard, enhancing visibility and control over your entire shipping process. This centralized platform simplifies the management of different logistics channels, making it easier to monitor and adjust operations on the fly. 

Supplier Direct Feature: Empower your suppliers to initiate shipments directly within the platform without compromising your control or privacy. This feature simplifies the logistics process by allowing suppliers to log shipments and select freight modes, which you can then approve, modify, or reject based on your specific requirements. 

Custom API Connectivity: We offer customized API integrations into selected clients’ ERP systems, which streamlines and automates logistics management. This integration facilitates a more seamless flow of information, reducing manual input and increasing the accuracy and speed of logistics operations. 

The Future of Logistics – Fully Automated: At MyDello, we believe the future of logistics lies in automation. We are dedicated to leading the charge towards fully automated logistics processes, making global shipping more efficient and less reliant on manual intervention. Our platform is designed not just to keep pace with this future but to drive it, providing cutting-edge solutions that prepare your business for the next evolution in logistics management. 


MyDello vs. Marketplace Solutions 

Unlike typical marketplace platforms where you may juggle multiple partners and quotes, MyDello offers a unified service. “Our goal isn’t just to connect you with freight services; we manage the entire process for you,” explains Marja, MyDello’s customer relations head. “This way, you deal with one reliable partner who oversees everything, ensuring consistency and accountability. 


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In today’s global market, being equipped with the right tools to manage logistics efficiently is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. MyDello’s instant pricing system and comprehensive service suite ensure that your shipments are expedited and optimized. 

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