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MyDello celebrated its first birthday

1 year celebration MyDello

MyDello started exactly one year ago on 26 April 2021, and the goal remains the same – we want future logistics to be fully automated. Over the year, it has become clear that our customers appreciate the possibility of comparing different modes of transport. As all costs increase, it is good to know that, on average, MyDello users save 15-20% on logistics.

MyDello is created by experienced experts from the field of logistics. MyDello is the most convenient way to get an immediate offer for international transport instead of many phone calls and emails. The portal displays a selection to find the most suitable transport solution for your business, taking changing circumstances into account.

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Why choose MyDello?

We believe that global logistics will become fully automated in the near future. MyDello combines the various parties in the supply chain: we reduce the number of intermediaries, digitalise all information, and contribute to ensuring that the costs to logistics are minimal. According to our data, using the platform means 15-20% lower costs on average, and our customers value it highly.

MyDello’s primary goal is to provide a simple solution that a logistics specialist can handle daily. There have been major changes in logistics in the last two years due to the pandemic Covid-19 and crises, and companies are looking for new ways to operate as efficiently as possible. Compared to different supply modes, it is necessary to find the best solution. For example, during the crisis in the Suez Canal, maritime transport was disrupted, and prices increased rapidly. Which delivery method to choose as a replacement? The answer is just a few clicks away.

The best part of digitalisation is that the business is more efficient and takes less time. MyDello uses different logistics service providers and carriers and brings them all together. A good overview can already be obtained with a single query. Paperless management has become more natural in every sector and country. Therefore it’s great to witness the logistics sector coming more and more digital.

MyDello has countless advantages as a digital platform. Let the numbers speak for themselves: almost 2,000 companies have joined MyDello in the year. According to the latest feedback, customers appreciate the most important way to compare prices and delivery methods.

MyDello shifts boundaries

The whole logistics sector has changed significantly over the last year. Nevertheless, MyDello’s first year has been very successful. The main objective, to provide services with a turnover of at least two million euros, has been achieved. Two thousand customers have joined the portal, indicating a need for a digitalised logistics service.

MyDello is currently available in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Still, we plan to continue growing and soon start offering services to Swedish companies.

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