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A new digital platform for organising cargo transportation has been launched

container terminal with MyDello container

MyDello is a new digital online platform that allows entrepreneurs to simplify the planning of the international supply chain. With the help of the platform, entrepreneurs can find out cargo shipping costs and the approximate delivery time to the required destination abroad in just a few seconds. The platform allows the planning of shipments of various types of cargo by air, land, and ocean transport.

The MyDello platform compares different modes of transport, i.e., air, sea, road, and rail, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose the most convenient and advantageous offer. The origin, destination, weight, and dimensions of the shipment must be indicated in order to plan cargo transport. The choice of different logistics options helps to better plan and optimize costs.

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“MyDello is both an innovative tool in the logistics services market and a leader in providing such services. We believe that we are fueling a revolutionary change in the logistics industry. The platform allows people to further automate the planning processes that were done manually in the past by logistics specialists, such as long electronic correspondence, countless phone calls, and the signing of documents. MyDello speeds this process up and makes it more convenient for entrepreneurs because everything is located in one place on a modern platform,” says Sigrid Ojavee, Marketing and Communications Manager at MyDello.

In addition to MyDello’s digital offer, support and consultations from experienced logistics specialists are also available for the convenience of entrepreneurs at any stage of the process, whether it’s during the planning of the shipment or after its shipping. The MyDello system provides a clear overview of the current status of all deliveries and the history of cargo movements.

MyDello is founded by Estonian entrepreneurs with considerable logistics experience. MyDello belongs to the same group that also includes the logistics company Balti Logistika.