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Lembit Hallikas

Today we are at the point where it is difficult to find any solution better than MyDello – there is no unnecessary bureaucracy and people are always ready to help.

Before, everything went through emails and took time, but now we can check the MyDello system and get any information we need.

Anyone working in these fields knows how draining and sometimes disappointing it can be to find a service that will take care of your shipments – with MyDello, all those worries just disappear.

It often takes a long time to get freight quotes from manual freight agents, sometimes several days. It will be particularly complicated to get a hold of the cost and lead times for different shipping options. With MyDello, we can have different options listed with different prices and lead times in a few seconds, which allows us to quickly make decisions and optimize the balance between delivery time and shipping cost.

By using the MyDello platform, I can get price quotations for delivery by all kinds of transports from anywhere in the world, choose the best option and book a shipment in a matter of couple of minutes. The MyDello platform provides all what you might need for delivery of your goods in one place.

Do you know, what is the best part of MyDello? That you do not have to send any emails! Emails, that get lost, take time to find, take time to answer and usually are missing some important information. You just enter the data and you get the quotations. It takes less than a minute to get the best prices and just with few clicks you can order the transportation for the goods.

MyDello is simple and logical. Especially good is that on the MyDello platform you can do almost everything yourself, skipping the most annoying – waiting phase. You don’t depend on either if someone has seen your inquiry and also planning to answer – just use MyDello and everything you need is there. So far, my experience has shown that the prices received from MyDello are adequate, they can be used safely, regardless of whether the shipment is from Europe or Asia. MyDello – from price inquiry to freight tracking – everything you need to move goods easily and quickly.

When we first started thinking about sending our electric cargo bikes to the UK, we talked to numerous service providers.  Somehow, sending a unique product with batteries inside outside of the EU, seemed like a major challenge and we became quite worried about how it would play out and most importantly how much time and money it would take. Then we stumbled on MyDello and suddenly without any head-scratching we had a plan and a budget and a timeline that not only seemed reasonable but exceeded our expectations.

I’ve been looking for a platform where I could look over all of my shipments at once and I’m happy to find this kind of solution from Estonia. It’s good to have things that are certain in times of uncertainty. MyDello is a platform where I can manage all related to our shipments, starting with placing an order, tracking, and ending with an invoice.

With MyDello we get informed every step of the way –– when the cargo has been picked up, where it is at any given moment, or how many days are left until its arrival. And once it arrives we only have to take care of the customs clearance. The whole process works very organically and it has made our internal processes much easier. We receive clear delivery times and can better understand where the product is located.