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War in Ukraine: impact for international transport, March 01

aircraft about to take off

Restrictions for international freight

The current situation between Ukraine and Russia is impacting everyone. This is a tragedy that will, first and foremost, cause great human suffering for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Recent days have brought decisions which among others are directly influencing international trade and global logistics.

Air traffic sees multiple restrictions. European Union has decided to ban all Russian-registered, Russian-owned or Russian-controlled aircraft from EU airspace. This means that mentioned aircraft cannot take off, land or overfly the territory of the EU.

An increasing number of EU air carriers are banned by Russian Federation or have chosen to avoid Russian airspace, which results in longer routings, extended transit times and higher costs between Asia and Europe.

Numerous sanctions have been established, which are impacting trade with partners in Russia and Belarus. Shipments with origin or destination in Russia or Belarus have restricted options.


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MyDello service update

During these hesitant times, changes can occur within hours. That’s why we are closely monitoring the situation and will report if there should be any changes or disruptions in our services. This is to ensure as smooth service as possible.

  • Air freight service on the Asia-Europe trade lane will see disruption in flight schedules, as carriers are rearranging routings to avoid Russian airspace. Please expect longer transit times and an increase in cost for shipments between Europe and Asia.
  • Ocean freight service from Asia is currently operating as usual, but increased waiting time is needed
  • Rail freight service on the China-Europe lane has been operating with no noteworthy disruptions up to this time. However, the fast-changing political situation in regard to Russia and Belarus has created a high probability of additional restrictions, which may severely impact rail service. As a result, we have decided to not accept any new bookings for rail service at this time. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will open the service for new bookings as soon as possible

More news to come in the upcoming days.

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