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How to be prepared for the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year paper lanterns

China is celebrating the New Year properly with seven-day public holidays that affect both production and transport. How to prepare for the Chinese New Year, and what will be different in 2023? 


The New Year’s reception is the most important Chinese holiday that is also celebrated elsewhere.  

As the first day of the new year depends on the Lunar calendar, the new year falls on February 1 this year. As the holidays last practically all week, it should be taken into account that interruptions may occur in transport connections from Monday to Sunday (January 31 to February 6).

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Workers at many factories and cargo hubs usually travel somewhere to enjoy their holidays. That means both production and transport will be limited at that time. A small part of the connections will continue to operate, but it is generally available for only large multinational companies under specific agreements. Companies that rely on Chinese imports should take holidays into account and consider that the shipment may be delayed, even if planned for the end of January. 


A lower capacity to serve and therefore increasing demand is also the reason why the cost of logistics before and after the new year is higher than usual. In 2022, there will be some additional influencers in addition to everyday situations. 


One of them is undoubtedly a Covid-19 crisis. As China is in an adamant position on the spread of the virus, increased travel and celebrations can also increase infection. This could lead to new restrictions for movement and working after holidays, meaning that loading the containers will slow down, for example. 


The opening of the Beijing Olympic Games also happens to be in the same week. The Games last from February 4 to February 20 and will probably cause additional security checks. The exact restrictions are still unclear, but most possibly, the Games will bring more restrictions for the capital region and elsewhere in China. In terms of the movement of goods, possible road checks and temporary closures have probably the most significant impact. 




In conclusion, China’s New Year celebration is a time when delays occur. If possible, the necessary and time-critical shipments should be planned long in advance. MyDello experts are ready to help you find the most appropriate solutions for more complex questions. 


Chinese holidays 

Unlike most holidays in the West, the “compensation mechanism” creates a longer and uninterrupted holiday period, meaning that the traditional Chinese holidays last from 3 days to a week.  

Upcoming Chinese holidays in 2023:  

Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) – January 22 – January 29th

Qingming Festival – April 5 

Labor Day – Apr 29 – May 3

Dragon Boat Festival – June 22 to June 24

Mid-Autumn Festival – September 29 to September 30 

Chinese National Holiday – October 1 to October 6 

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